Consider These Thought Provoking Questions

Did you know the Golden Rule (do unto others as you would have them do unto you) exists in ALL religions? Here’s a TEACHABLE MOMENT:

Treating others as we wish to be treated, as simplistic as it sounds, could solve so many of the issues facing public education in a secular progressive society. You would not need to invoke God or any particular religion as the Golden Rule exists in all belief systems. So here are some questions to consider from four Points of View:

1. Did your accusations cause a teacher to be reprimanded? put on leave? fired?

2. Did you ever push a teacher to the brink of emotional distress? If yes, why?

1. Do you use appropriate language in your home? If yes, what consequences do you have in place if your children use inappropriate language?

2. Do you believe every negative thing your child says about his teachers? the class environment?

1. Did you need to take a leave from your classroom due to parent or admin actions? Quit teaching? Hire an attorney and file a suit?

2. Are you able to treat a student with continued respect even though the student’s parents attacked you falsely in an e-mail?

1. Did your actions cause a teacher to dread or quit teaching?

2. Do you fact find parent complaints or do you assume if the child said it, the parent e-mailed it, therefore it must be true?

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