I was pleased to read the article from the Wall Street Journal “Teachers Quit Jobs at Highest Rate on Record.” Not pleased by the statistics, but instead appreciative someone finally understands the downward spiral of our educational system begins with the absence of dedicated and skilled educators. The article stated “puny pay raises, frustration about school budgets and improving prospects elsewhere — thanks to the tighter labor market — as key reasons for their departures.” I beg to differ!

Truth: educators do not commit their passion to teach believing untold wealth awaits them. The purposely concealed story: our nation’s teacher shortage is due to a dominating hostile work environment, created by the very people educators serve. The teacher disparity in pay teeters on the tip of the iceberg. How American culture treats teachers, through self-indulging students, entitled parents, social media and lack of support from ill-prepared administrators, is the deplorable underbelly of this glacial mass. Who better to elevate the conversation for positive change than a 46 year veteran teacher who taught in three states,15 schools, 23 classrooms,17 grade levels and educated over 6000 students? So You Think You Wanna Teach! is the title of my memoir, which will be published this year. Through decades of both heart wrenching and heart inspiring experiences, I propose real solutions to halt teacher degradation.

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