If consumers in the target market purchase and read Rescue the Teacher, Save the Child! they will:

*change “the world according to me” point of view, thus walking in others’ shoes to affect positive change in today’s teaching environment.
*strike down the negative climate (vitriol emails and social media rants), and return to the values of yesteryear, where teachers were treated as members of one of the most noble professions.
*understand there are ways to reach troubled students and prevent future school massacres.
* acknowledge social media is the bane of our existence, especially for our children.
*concede bullying is real and it walks hand in hand with social media.
*comprehend better what transpired in our public schools and culture when the Supreme Court decision of 1962 demanded God vacate our schools.
*initiate real conversations in the Teachers’ Colleges, school professional development sessions, school boards and in homes to stop the mistreatment of teachers.

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