Why is there a need for a book like “Rescue the Teacher, Save the Child”?

In my 46 years of research, I witnessed many changes. In my opinion, there is a direct correlation with these changes and the downward spiral of our educational system:

*Downgrading of dress codes for both students and teachers
*Teacher assessments
*Common Core
*Disruptive classroom behavior
*Technology driven teaching practices
*Shorter attention spans from students
*Parent roles running the gamut of helicoptering to complete absence
*Ill preparedness and immaturity of new teachers
*Administrators who could not or would not administrate
*Social media
*The increase of bullying, both in the perpetrator and the victimization of children
*Dismissing of the Judeo-Christian God and values
*School shootings
*Stem curriculum without the balance of the arts
*Higher student dropout

By the conclusion of this book, I hope the reader can gain a better understanding of what it takes to become a successful student, parent, teacher and administrator. These four points of view (POV) will be addressed. My life journey encompassed all four. I propose this challenge: through your own life experiences, are you willing to maintain an open mind and gain insight into points of view which differ from yours? Will you join me and become the advocate voice to change our educational system for the better?

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