Marketing “Rescue the Teacher, Save the Child!”

Audience: The four points of view (students, parents, teachers and administrators) are addressed would attract lay and academic readers. The contents are non-gender specific including the treatment of LGBTQ students.
Felt Need:
*According to the Guardian, a recent survey found 80% of classroom teachers have seriously considered leaving the profession in the past 12 months.
*Two quintessential aspects of the treatment of teachers have been omitted from most school districts: mentoring of struggling teachers by peers/administrators and due process of unreasonably fired or harassed teachers.
*The entitled parent and the administrator who cannot or will not administrate are two paramount factors contributing to the hostile work environment.
*Troubled students hold more impact in today’s classroom. The sanctity of life and moral compass of decades ago replaced by a violence-prone culture. *School shootings will not subside until teachers learn to reach these volatile children, who slip through the widening cracks of an ill-equipped educational system.

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