Over the next few days, I will reveal problems which live in our educational system. Those situations represent all four points of view found in my book: students, parents, teachers and administrators.

Problem #1: Administrators may resort to falsely lowering a teacher’s performance score in order to drive him or her out.

Has this happened to you or someone you know? When I attended that fatal last end of the year evaluation, one of the admin hissed at me, “Up until 15 minutes ago, we thought you were retiring!” Then he disappeared for about 15 minutes while the principal continued his rant of false accusations. When the assistant principal returned, there was a freshly minted End of the Year evaluation in his hand. Its preparation so incredibly speedy that my last name was misspelled throughout. For eight years I received scores of four (the highest) with some three’s. Now I’m looking at a piece of fiction with scores of one’s and two’s. In “Rescue the Teacher, Save the Child!, I will arm educators with a proactive stance to end this disgraceful action.

It’s as if I awoke my final year in teaching and decided to steal money, hurt children, refuse to communicate with anyone and barely show up to do my job. You best be prepared for actions like these, as it is happening all over the nation. The new administrative credo: Don’t fire tenured teachers. Drive them out with lies and then explain they can return but in a diminished position. How do you safeguard against administrators determined to dummy down their schools with educators on the lower end of the pay spectrum? How are students and parents used in this final solution? How can teachers become proactive? Purchase “Rescue the Teacher, Save the Child!” and find out! (Amazon, Kindle and Barnes & Noble).

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