Over the next few days, I will reveal problems which live in our educational system. Those situations represent all four points of view found in “RESCUE THE TEACHER, SAVE THE CHILD!”: students, parents, teachers and administrators.

Problem #9: Yesterday’s blog referred to the link where parents brawled at their 7 year olds’ baseball game. Coaches and performing arts teachers share the same air: how can we pick the team, the lead in the play, discipline an athlete or require standards of a performer if the parent can level constant complaints without consequences. It’s time coaches and performing arts instructors make the administration and the parents accountable for their actions.

The consequences delved out to the fist-to-cuffs Colorado parents proves once again reacting to a situation is never as affective as implementing proactive tools. In my book, I suggest every coach, performing arts teacher, administrator and parents involved sign a uniform agreement BEFORE the year starts. A committee of coaches, teachers, admin and parents could devise the document. The following should be laid out: 1. all expectations, auditions, team tryouts would provide a clear rubric of selection 2. any questions by parents would be initiated in a face to face meeting 3. confrontational emails or face to face confrontations would not be accepted and could mean the player, parent, coach or instructor suffers consequences for the behavior 4. all parents would sign a code of conduct for all events 5. there would be clear consequences for any defined “misbehavior” of all parties.

There will be times when a parent of an athlete or singer may have serious inquiries into how the athlete or singer is treated. Those questions should take this journey: 1. ask for a face to face meeting with the coach/instructor (emails will no longer be accepted) 2. ask the questions in a non-confrontational way (a neutral third party should attend) 3. if the parent feels unheard, then a meeting with admin should be immediately scheduled with the sole purpose of finding an equitable solution in the compromise. Never should this process become the victim of short-cuts.

Can we actually avoid the sports brawls of parents? Are administrators the common denominator? Could unhinged parents’ behaviors be compelled to civility? Great questions! Enjoy a summer read which addresses these situations and provides solutions. Rescue the Teacher, Save the Child! is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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