As I edited my book, I realized 85,000 words were about 15,000 words too many! I needed to do some pruning. The following blogs are from the “cutting room floor” of my book. After sharing some reasons to run from teaching, my current purpose is to share insights so the reader learns from my mistakes. I couldn’t save my own job but perhaps these proposed conversations will save your’s. Find out more and purchase “RESCUE THE TEACHER, SAVE THE CHILD!”

Be proactive! Make sure your admin is on record with his response to parental complaints. Such collaborative conversations between teacher and admin could include but not be limited to:

1. What is the procedure when a parent contacts me to complain?
2. How do you want me to reply? Is the admin copied on the reply?
3. What if my reply is not enough?
4. What is the admin’s philosophy of dealing with parent complaints?
5. What criteria determines the teacher’s favor? the parent’s favor?
6. What if the parent is unreasonable?
7. How will the admin interact to insure that I am able to continue teaching without vitriol e-mails, personal confrontations or meetings behind my back?
8. Does the admin meet with parents without my knowledge?
9. Are parents’ negative comments placed in my file?
10.Do I have access to my file?

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