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Results of a study [(Leithwood et al. (2004), Marzano, Waters, and McNulty (2005), Portin et al. (2009), Louis and Leithwood et al. (2010), and Knapp et al. (2010)] stated that relationships between teachers and the school principal are extremely important in high-performing schools. The study showed principals identified three dominant factors in positive relationships between principals and teachers that impact student achievement. Leadership and support, communication, and inter-personal (trust and respect) skills were found to be the most important factors in developing positive relationships between principals and teachers which impact student achievement.

If I were determining which of those three is paramount to accelerated standards in any school, I would firmly state ‘trust and respect.’ I have worked in an environment lacking in both of those characteristics. There is nothing comparable to a teacher’s fear when he pulls into the parking lot that today may be one of those days were he is not only unappreciated by his students and parents but equally unsupported by his administration.

Enjoy a summer read and at the same time, garner ideas and empowerment for your teaching experience next fall.

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