I am a retired teacher. Thankfully I run a private voice studio which supplements my meager pension. However, in the summer, my voice students take the time off for a warranted break. It’s been a while since a new student sought out my studio. Yesterday, a lovely young lady came for her introductory, no obligation lesson. I love my job! Teaching the joy of singing to aspiring young people is a rewarding vocation. Yesterday was not an exception. At the end of the lesson, she dutifully paid me her $30 via Square, hugged and assured me she would return.

Today, Square supplemented my income with $29.17. I was thrilled. No really, I was excited to see money credited to my account. It’s been over 30 days since my bank account saw a voice student entry on the right hand side.

Why do I write about this? Welcome to my stark reality and the reality of all retired teachers. Unless you have a well-to-do partner, your bank account balance feels fragile. Is this plight of the retired teacher futile? If legislators stop and realize the injustice teachers receive every month when they see their check stubs, something could be done. I do not have much faith in any legislation. But I do have faith in humanity.

What teachers need now are corporations, billionaires, professional athletes, musicians, business people, doctors and lawyers to step up and realize how their lives were influenced by teachers. Step up is defined as finding creative ways to take portions of huge salaries or gigantic earnings and siphon them to supplement teachers’ salaries and pensions. I can already hear your eyes rolling! But think about it: what if someone with financial power decided to set a precedence and insure teachers in his state that their dedication is not only appreciated but also financially supported. Is it unreasonable to believe an athlete earning seven and eight figures could take a portion each year and contribute to a state teachers’ retirement? All it takes is one person to start the ball rolling. One can dream.

Writing my book was never about profit. I simply wanted to share my experiences as a 46 year veteran teacher as well as provide viable solutions. Okay, a few dollars more in my bank account wouldn’t hurt! Please purchase my book “Rescue the Teacher, Save the Child!” from either Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Have yourself a summer read and affect change for our nation’s educators.

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