What’s Really Wrong With American Education?

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So why is America 27th in the world (according to Business Insider) when it comes to educating our children? As a 46 year veteran teacher, allow me to count the ways:

  1. America’s universities are NOT providing real world teacher training.
  2. Chronically complaining parents, who seldom are condemned by those in authority, pride themselves in driving out teachers.
  3. Inept administrators, who find it challenging to navigate today’s issues, are unable or unwilling to support their staff.
  4. Teachers, who choose the profession for the wrong reasons, are taking the places of those who genuinely became educators to serve our children.
  5. Any political organization, with an agenda to change the fabric of a democracy through its vulnerable children, should cease and desist.
  6. School boards who act as a rubber stamp or don’t act at all are stifling school districts across the nation.
  7. Students, who whine and complain, usually supported by entitled parents, have more voice in decision-making than their teachers.
  8. A culture, who accepts low pay and poor conditions for teachers as the norm, cannot expect positive results in learning.
  9. A country where education is not first and foremost will eventually succumb to mediocrity from the labor force all the way to the executives.
  10. A plethora of people who could care, but don’t, will continue to tout a great success in education when there really is none.

I am one of those crazy teachers who firmly believes she can change the world! But it will take all walks of life to transform our downward spiraling educational system. Translation: if you are reading this and do nothing, you are a part of the problem! I will define, address and give solutions to the above 10 components. Stay tuned.

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