What’s Really Wrong With American Education?

The entitled students supported by the inalienable right to complain parents.

Today I heard a conversation regarding social media platforms and what they are doing to our children. It is nothing productive or positive. Yet parents feel the need to allow their children on such sites, usually without much investigation or monitoring. The end of today’s conversation went something like this: Where are parents today? Why do they permit their children participating on any platform which has the following potential: bullying, body shaming, hurtful rhetoric, immoral persuasion just to mention a few? I spent countless hours navigating these issues with my high school and college students. The final portion of the conversation? Parents need to parent. Make reasonable rules, follow through on consequences and be present daily (sometimes hourly) in your child’s life. The very same may be said about whining students and complaining parents. It’s time for parents to model support for their children’s teachers. We cannot continue to loose talented teachers who feel they are not only unappreciated but objects of condemnation from irrational, angry parents.

My mother was a teacher so she understood this dilemma teachers face daily: the child does not perceive complete truth, only his version of it. Never should the assumption be made that an evil teacher is persecuting an innocent child. The only times a parent has the right to challenge if a teacher is derelict in his job and should be dismissed are:
1. The student experiences a sudden downward spiral of grades and attitude
2. Actual school phobia has set in
3. An immoral/illegal act may have been consummated

If the student’s account does not fall under these three areas, the parent may certainly ask any question of an instructor but with the attitude of fact-finding and not hurtful discourse.

In 2017, four parents’ complaints of what student was given a solo, who should be in the talent show, who was given what grade and policies of attendance were used to force me out of a job I loved. Never underestimate the power of domineering parents on weak administrators.

I’m Paula Baack, the author of Rescue the Teacher, Save the Child! TUNE IN TOMORROW. Here’s a tease: The country, the culture and the people who are a part of the problem and seldom a part of the solution to the spiraling downfall of American education.

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